All Types of Litigation

We vigorously prosecute and defend the rights, claims, property and other assets of our clients in any kind of dispute, whether it be against a person, a company or a governmental entity. 

Business and Contract Disputes
Our work includes enforcing agreements and protecting against unwarranted or exaggerated claims in any business context or setting.  We will assert, where appropriate, claims for violation of unfair and deceptive trade practices acts, as well as protect our clients against improper allegations of unfair trade practices or competition.  We will also prepare, analyze, and enforce covenants against competition or prevent an employer from using a non-compete agreement that is not enforceable. 

Real Estate Litigation
We resolve disputes affecting real property by lawsuit or negotiation in the manner most efficient for our clients.

Insurance Defense
We defend against all sorts and manners of claims asserted against insureds, arising out of any context, including motor vehicle liability, professional insurance liability, premises liability and many other areas.

Employment Dispute
We assist and support employers by scrutinizing, modifying and creating appropriate rules and methods of operation for the workplace; we defend against claims by individuals or governmental entities, including wage and hour claims, REDA claims, discrimination claims, and others; in addition, we assert appropriate demands and sue on behalf of employees who are wrongfully denied compensation to which they are entitled. 

Complex Business Litigation
We vigorously prosecute and defend the rights, claims, property and assets of our clients in complex business disputes, including alleged patent, trademark or copyright disputes, tax-related disputes and other areas.

Community Association Disputes
We protect homeowner’s associations and enforce declarations and covenants designed to stabilize and strengthen all types of community associations. 

Construction Disputes and Defects
We protect our clients from unwarranted claims related to construction, including construction defects, construction delay or design defects; we vigorously prosecute claims by our clients for non-payment or related to liens. 

Insurance Coverage Litigation
We analyze and, where necessary, file declaratory actions to obtain for our client the appropriate finding as to insurance coverage.

Employment Law
Today, business owners and individual employees face a wide variety of employment-related regulations and can become engaged in a variety of work-related disputes.  Our labor and employment attorneys have vast experience with and are ready to assist you or your business in understanding and complying with applicable regulations and addressing disputes that may arise.  Such matters may include: drafting and reviewing employment agreements, non-competition agreements, employee handbooks, and severance agreements; FMLA and other leave; Wage and Hour issues; unemployment benefits; sexual harassment; claims of discrimination based upon race, sex, national origin, religion, disability or age; and retaliation.