Condominium & Homeowner Association Transition

 by Jim Slaughter 

From Developer to Association:

Association Documents

arrow Architectural Guidelines, Board Policies/Resolutions, Rules and Regulations
arrow Deeds and plats to common areas
arrow Governing Documents – Bylaws (current and past)
arrow Governing Documents – Corporate Charter/Articles of Incorporation
arrow Governing Documents – Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCR’s)
arrow Minutes book
arrow Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of owners
arrow Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of mortgagees


arrow Audits
arrow Accounts payable ledgers and schedules
arrow Accounts receivable ledgers and schedules
arrow Bank reconciliation
arrow Budgets
arrow Certificates of Deposit
arrow Charts of accounts
arrow Checks
arrow Expense analyses and expense distribution schedules
arrow Financial statements
arrow General ledger
arrow Inventories of products, materials & supplies
arrow Invoices from vendors
arrow Invoices to customers
arrow Notes receivable ledgers & schedules
arrow Payroll records & summaries, including payments to pensioners
arrow Replacement reserve records, including costs, depreciation reserves, depreciation schedules, blueprints & plans, estimated life of asset
arrow Tax returns


arrow Certificates of occupancy for common elements
arrow Contracts
arrow Correspondence
arrow Employee personnel records
arrow Insurance policies
arrow Insurance records, accident reports, claims
arrow Keys and combinations
arrow Warranties


arrow Statement of compliance with ordinances and governing documents
arrow Confirmation from local authorities re: fire hydrants, etc.
arrow Confirmation that emergency communications centers have mapped association
arrow Statement of determination of public agency or utility responsible for lights/sewer


From Association to Developer:

arrow Transition Agreement and Release???


Other Activities:

arrow Organizational “audit”
arrow Corporate audit
arrow Governing document audit
arrow Covenant enforcement audit
arrow Physical and common elements “audit”
arrow Engineer/contractor for inspection of common elements
arrow Engineer/contractor for reserve analysis on common elements
arrow Confirm that association owns common elements
arrow Review/new reserve study
arrow Review assessments and budgets
arrow Evaluate contractors—insurance, management, landscape
arrow Orientation—all aspects of Association’s operations
arrow CAI ABC’s—“A Basic Course for Association Leaders”
arrow Job description for Directors
arrow Handbook for Directors, including governing documents
arrow Recruit Directors from committees


Transition Checklist PDF


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